Companies & Affiliates

 Malt Products Corporation
Our Company was founded in 1957 and is based in Saddle Brook, New Jersey with stocking locations in the United States and Canada. It has manufacturing plants in Maywood, New Jersey; Dayton, Ohio; Peterborough and Chatham, Ontario; the United Kingdom; and the Netherlands. We also have sales offices across the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, South America, Africa, and the Far East.

Affiliated Companies

International Molasses
International Molasses Corporation, LTD is a sister company to Malt Products Corporation that has been in business over fifty years serving customers world-wide.

Customer satisfaction is our specialty. We take pride in our products, our rapid response to customer inquiries and our ability to meet our customer’s needs. Thanks to customer loyalty we continue to be dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of high quality malts, molasses and other natural sweeteners.

Eco-Molasses is the by-product of sugar refining that contains all the nutrients from the raw sugar cane plant. It is rich in sugars, carbon, B-vitamins, iron, calcium, sodium and potassium. With continued applications, Eco-Molasses promotes a soil environment that helps reduce thatch. Eco-Molasses may be added to foliar sprays to enhance adhesion to leaf surfaces

Premier Malt Products
For more than 80 years the name of Premier Malt Products has been synonymous with the manufacture and the sale of malt extracts powders and syrups to the food and brewing industries. Our customers produce cereals, breads, crackers, cookies, pizza dough as well as a host of beverage products sold into the retail food markets around the world. In the beverage industry our products are used in a multitude of specialty drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic from microbreweries to multi purpose health foods from baby formula to energy drinks

United Canadian Malt
United Canadian Malt is Canada’s largest manufacturer of a wide variety of liquid and dry, diastatic and non-diastatic extracts of malted barley, wheat, oats and rice. Committed to uncompromising consistent quality and dependable customer service, we are capable of developing and producing custom products for our customers.