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All our malts have been developed to cover a wide range of flavors, colors, sweetness, body, and proteins. Should our standard malts not meet your requirements, other malt products can be custom-made to suit your needs.

Our Malts are GRAS, all natural, and Kosher. The Extracts are non-GMO certified and available Certified Organic.


LIQUID - Nondiastatic (without active enzyme)
Malt Extract, Code #102 - Medium Color
Malt Extract, Code #103 - Dark Color
Malt Syrup, Code #100 - Medium Color
Malt Syrup, Code #101 - Dark Color

LIQUID - Diastatic (natural barley enzyme still active)
Malt Extract, Code #105D - 20° or 60°Lintner
Malt Syrup, Code #100D - 20°Lintner
Malt Syrup, Code #100HD - 60°Lintner

DRY - Nondiastatic (without active enzyme)
Malt Extract - Light, Medium and Dark Color
Malt Extract, Code #377D - Amber
Malt Powder, Code #87 - Light
Malt Powder, Code #87DK - Medium
Extra Sweet Malt Powder, Code #107 - Light

DRY - Diastatic (natural barley enzyme still active)
Malt Powder, Code #89DP - 20° or 60°Lintner - excellent dough enhancer.
Malted Barley Flour - l80 - 220°Lintner (active enzymes)


Liquid Black Malt - Natural Coloring Agent

Dry Black Malt - Natural Coloring Agent

Liquid Wheat Malt Extract

Liquid and Dry Oat Extract

Bagel BestTM Malt Syrup

Pizza PerfectTM Malt Syrup

GrainuloseTM-co-extract of malt and rye, oat, rice, or wheat (special order)

Put Bagel Best Malt Syrup in your bagels for superior flavor, color and essential crust characteristics.

Pizza Perfect Malt Syrup improves flavor, promotes full dough fermentation, enhances texture, imparts shine and browning to your crust.

Malt Extract is NOT an empty sugar<br>click for more information

      Malt Products is NON-GMO certified BRC Safety Standards Certified Halal Certified

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