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All our malts have been developed to cover a wide range of flavors, colors, sweetness, body, and proteins. Should our standard malts not meet your requirements, other malt products can be custom-made to suit your needs.

Our Malts are GRAS, all natural, and Kosher. The Extracts are GMO-free and available Certified Organic.


LIQUID - Nondiastatic (without active enzyme)
Malt Extract, Code #102 - Medium Color
Malt Extract, Code #103 - Dark Color
Malt Syrup, Code #100 - Medium Color
Malt Syrup, Code #101 - Dark Color

LIQUID - Diastatic (natural barley enzyme still active)
Malt Extract, Code #105D - 20┬░ or 60┬░Lintner
Malt Syrup, Code #100D - 20°Lintner
Malt Syrup, Code #100HD - 60°Lintner

DRY - Nondiastatic (without active enzyme)
Malt Extract - Light, Medium and Dark Color
Malt Extract, Code #377D - Amber
Malt Powder, Code #87 - Light
Malt Powder, Code #87DK - Medium
Extra Sweet Malt Powder, Code #107 - Light

DRY - Diastatic (natural barley enzyme still active)
Malt Powder, Code #89DP - 20° or 60°Lintner - excellent dough enhancer.
Malted Barley Flour - l80 - 220°Lintner (active enzymes)


Liquid Black Malt - Natural Coloring Agent

Dry Black Malt - Natural Coloring Agent

Liquid Wheat Malt Extract

Liquid and Dry Oat Extract

Bagel BestTM Malt Syrup

Pizza PerfectTM Malt Syrup

GrainuloseTM-co-extract of malt and rye, oat, rice, or wheat (special order)

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